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The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)is the English name of a poem by Goethe, Der Zauberlehrling, written in 1797. The poem is a ballad in fourteen stanzas.

About the story of The Sorcerer's Apprentice - The poem begins as an old sorcerer departs his workshop, leaving his apprentice with chores to perform. Tired of fetching water by pail, the apprentice enchants a broom to do the work for him — using magic he is not yet fully trained in. The floor is soon awash with water, and the apprentice realizes that he cannot stop the broom because he does not know how.

Not knowing how to control the enchanted broom, the apprentice splits it in two with an axe, but each of the pieces becomes a new broom and takes up a pail and continues fetching water, now at twice the speed. When all seems lost, the old sorcerer returns, quickly breaks the spell and saves the day. The poem finishes with the old sorcerer's statement that powerful spirits should only be called by the master himself.

The casts of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice includes:

Nicolas Cage as Balthazar Blake – a sorcerer and computer simulation expert.
Jay Baruchel as Dave Stutler – an average college student who becomes Blake’s apprentice.
Alfred Molina as Maxim Horvath – an evil magician.
Teresa Palmer as Becky – the love interest of Dave.
Toby Kebbell as Drake Stonea – a celebrity illusionist, who joins forces with Horvath.
Monica Bellucci as Veronica – a sorceress, and the long-lost love of Balthazar Blake.
Robert Capron as Oliver – Dave Stutler’s best friend as a child.
Jake Cherry as Young Dave Stutler
Peyton R. List as Young Becky
Alice Krige as Morgana
Gregory Woo as Sun Lok
James A. Stephens as Merlin

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